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Furniture Medic by  MB Restoration

Commercial Furniture/ Cabinet Repair/ Restoration.

Office and Hotel Furniture and Cabinet on site repairs.

Examples of our Hotel/ Office commercial restoration.
All of this work was performed on site. . Cell: 618-246-6146.

Marion commercial furniture refinishing

This office conference table, in Mt. Vernon, Illinois was polished using Furniture Medics'
three (3) step polishing system.

Note the clarity of the reflection.

This polishing system is done on site and takes a couple of days.

If your finish is in good shape and you still like the color,
polishing is a good economical choise.

St. Clair County commercial furniture refinishing

These pictures show the damage and repair of a chairs' arm rests.

Carbondale commercial cabinet refinish

Here shows the before and after of a cabinet in a hotel lobby.

This hotel in the Shiloh - O'Fallon
area had several cabinets we
refurbished in the lobby and restaurant.

We also restored their wood down
the hallway and around the elevator.

Belleville commercial cabinet refinish

These cabinets were behind the
counter of a hotel in the
Fairview Heights area.

Top two pics are of -before-
we did the repairs.


We replaced the missing
laminate/ veneer and made a
partial door front for the lower
pull out drawer.

Southern Illinois commercial vanity remodel

We installed the pieces
to remodeled the vanities in
every room of this hotel in
Greenville, Illinois.

They are very happy with our work.

We also touched-up and
repaired several pieces of
furniture in this hotel.

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- Jackson County, Williamson County, Randolph, Jefferson and Marion Counties -
- Fayette County, Bond County, Franklin, Hamilton, Wayne, and Clay Counties -
- I have driven from Vandalia to Metropolis.

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Columbia furniture refinishing

Columbia cabinet refinishing