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My name is Mark - I Refurbish Everything Wood - I enjoy it. . Cell: 618-246-6146.
All furniture stripping and furniture refinishing worked by hand, No Dipping Here.

Nashville furniture refinishing

Here is an old Walnut Bed that I refinished.

Beds usually need some rebuilding
and this one was no exception.

They are where we spend alot of time,
sometimes roudy-fun time!
So they usually need at least some repair, and thats ok.

I enjoy the old furniture and I've been doing this for my customers and myself over 25 years!

refinish furniture Pinckneyville

Here is the Walnut Bed during restoration.

You can begin to see the grain in the walnut.

It is going to be beautiful!
at its' home in Nashville, Illinois.

Actually I like 'all' the old stuff. From toys to bottles to furniture to cars.

Carlyle furniture repair

The Walnut Bed is now finished,
the client is very happy.

Buy a new bed - and the value declines -
as you load it on the truck.

Purchase an old bed and have it restored
or restore the antique bed you already have.
And it will keep the value forever -
- - and look beautiful! - -

Nashville furniture refinishing.

Carlyle furniture repair.


Here is a Lincoln Rocker that had been through many transitory repairs.

Nashville furniture refinish

I pulled over 100 nails out of this rocker.

The boards they used to cover the missing cane
were probably over 50 years old themselves!
Notice the wires holding the runners to the legs.
And the wire holding the rear legs together.
The split-out wood on the front of the right runner.
During restoration I found that one of the main
back vertical rails was splitting.

I could go on describing the past
condition of this rocker.
The pictures tell the stories.

But Just Look at Her Now!

Southern Illinois furniture repair

The rocker turned out beautiful.

This belonged to my client's Grandparents.
You have to give her credit to be
willing to have the old rocker restored.

She was in my garage one day during restoration.
and I think the rocker laying there in several
pieces kind of made her nervous. Lol.

The pictures were taken in two different
rooms and the lighting causes the wood to
appear different colors.
But even with the lighting you
can see how she turned out.

Not bad for an original Lincoln Era rocker.


Sears Silvertone Radio. Late 1930's / early 40's (I'm guessing.)

Greenville furniture repair

This too was once in the home of my
client's Grandparents. Great to see
family heirlooms kept and restored.

The old finish was difficult to remove.

Hiding below that finish was walnut.

Nice surprise!

Greenville furniture refinish

My clients found the original
looking speaker cover fabric,

which looks good.

Very beautiful all finished.


Greenville furniture repair.

Greenville furniture refinishing.

Carlyle furniture restoration.

Refinish furniture Nashville.


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Carlyle furniture restoration

We also do 'some' Leather repair,
and upholstering

This older, but very nice, couch over in
Waterloo needed some dye where the
leather had cracked.

She was very happy with the results.

Serving: St. Clair County, Monroe County, Washington, Clinton and Perry Counties -
- Jackson County, Williamson County, Randolph, Jefferson and Marion Counties -
- Fayette County, Bond County, Franklin, Hamilton, Wayne, and Clay Counties -
- I have driven from Vandalia to Metropolis.

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Fairview Heights furniture refinishing

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